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Cleaning furniture upholstery, carpets, and automobile seat covers

In order to satisfy our clientele’s other cleaning needs and extend our range of services, we have developed our injection/extraction machine, the most advanced in its field.  This machine uses hot water injection; the heat provides deeper cleaning and reduces the wash time (and importantly, the drying time).


We have also developed our own detergent and stain-removing formulas, which exceed our customers’ expectations.


We have a unique advantage over all our competitors who seem to offer the same service:


Unlike the competition, we always implement the dry-cleaning process before beginning the washing process.  This ensures that no bacteria, viruses, or fungal spores remain inside the mattress, because the application of humidity to the contaminants inside the mattress acts as an accelerant, causing more infestation and their consequent health risks.


Household furniture undergoing CLEANWORK ORANGE’S double-cleaning process dry in less than 6 hours, leaving them free of all internal infestation, and stain- and odor-free.  To finish the process, we apply our Aler-Combat Spray to prevent the proliferation of new contaminants and leave your furniture with a fresh, citrusy smell.