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Dry cleaning and disinfection of mattresses

Cleaning furniture upholstery, carpets, and automobile seat covers

Mattress Cleaning

The CLEANWORK ORANGE cleaning process has been scientifically proven for its effectiveness.  This completely natural, chemical-free dry cleaning process eliminates and destroys dust mites, fungus spores, and bacteria, as well as other harmful waste found in mattresses.

In order to satisfy our clientele’s other cleaning needs and extend our range of services, we have developed our injection/extraction machine, the most advanced in its field.  This machine uses hot water injection; the heat provides deeper cleaning and reduces the wash time (and importantly, the drying time).


We have also developed our own detergent and stain-removing formulas, which exceed our customers’ expectations.


At the request of our clients from the hotel as well as the private sector, we have implemented a mattress-cleaning process that eliminates stains, a task we were not able to accomplish using our dry-cleaning system.


The institutions that oversee hygiene standards in hotels have become more and more demanding.  If mattress surfaces are not stain-free and in impeccable condition, points are subtracted from the hotel’s hygiene grade.