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Mattress Cleaning

At the request of our clients from the hotel as well as the private sector, we have implemented a mattress-cleaning process that eliminates stains, a task we were not able to accomplish using our dry-cleaning system.


The institutions that oversee hygiene standards in hotels have become more and more demanding.  If mattress surfaces are not stain-free and in impeccable condition, points are subtracted from the hotel’s hygiene grade.


In order to fulfill the high standards of excellence that the hotel industry demands from us, we have a range of specialty products for each type of stain.


Extensive tests in the field and numerous positive reactions from clients have given us the certainty and confidence that our service is the only one of its kind on the market.  Aided by our task-specific chemical formulas we have convinced even the most demanding clients in the hotel industry, such as the Ritz-Carlton, of our professionalism and dedication.  We have been able to renew even highly stained mattresses bound for the trash so that they look like new!


Cleanwork Orange’s double process of washing and sanitizing makes mattress cleaning a true art, and we work every day to perfect it.  Currently we are using this method in hotels such as Hard Rock Riviera, the Ritz-Carlton, Grupo Oasis, Grupo Karisma, and The One, among others.