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1.- How should I clean the bed linens?

Sheets and bedspreads should be cleaned frequently, if possible, by washing them at water temperatures of 67°-75° F., in a long, 45-minute cycle, and drying them in the sun.


2.- My mattress is new.  Should I deep clean it?

Even though disinfecting your brand new mattress would not do you or the mattress any harm, we recommend you have your first mattress deep-cleaning maintenance done after six months’ use, unless it has been causing you allergic reactions since it was new.


3.- Do you remove stains from mattresses?

Our dry cleaning process does loosen and extract contaminating agents, but we do not focus on removing stains per se, even though we may reduce them, and occasionally make them disappear. It is important to emphasize that we avoid using water/vapor since, as the saying goes, “water is life”, and what we least want is to facilitate the life of dust mites, mildew, viruses and/or bacteria in your mattresses, living room furniture, and carpets.


4.- How deep does the vacuuming equipment penetrate mattresses?

There are many mattress styles and types, and some have more filling than others, but in general, our vacuum will extract contaminants located at a maximum depth of 10 centimeters per side.  It is important to know that 97% of contaminants are found within the first centimeter.


5.- How deep does the ultraviolet light penetrate mattresses?

Ultraviolet rays penetrate all the way through mattresses.